Sumatra, Indonesien: Unruhen wegen Landstreitigkeiten - Kind von Polizei erschossen meldet:
Child Killed, Others Injured in Brawl Between Police and Villagers in South Sumatra
Palembang. A child was shot dead and at least three others were injured by gunfire on Friday night in a brawl between local villagers and police stemming from a land dispute...

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120 Police Officers Questioned Over South Sumatra Shooting
More than 100 police officers are being questioned over the fatal shooting of protesters last week at the Cinta Manis sugar plantation in South Sumatra, the National Police said on Tuesday...

SBY Orders Investigation Into Fatal South Sumatra Shooting
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has instructed a senior minister to investigate Friday’s violence in Limbang Jaya, South Sumatra, his spokesman said on Monday. Angga bin Darmawan, 12, was reportedly shot and killed by police as they tried to evacuate unarmed protesters from a disputed-land site...

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