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Bali: Grieche mit Drogen im Wert von U$ 1,18 Millionen verhaftet meldet:
A Greek national was arrested on drug charges at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport on Wednesday. Ngurah Rai customs and excise office head I Made Wijaya said in Denpasar on Wednesday that 4.2 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, worth Rp 10.5 billion (approximately US$1.18 million), were found in a suitcase belonging to Nikolaos Bouikidis.

[All sizes of this photo are available for download under a Creative Commons license.]

Bali: Inder wegen Drogenschmuggel zu 14 Jahren Haft verurteilt
The Denpasar District Court declared an Indian national guilty on Monday for attempting to smuggle drugs into Indonesia's most-famous tourist destination, the island of Bali, and sentenced him to 14 years imprisonment. The court ruled that 29-year-old Sayed Muhammad Said was guilty of attempting to smuggle 1.1 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine...

Bali: Swiss man caught with marijuana at Ngurah Rai
Customs officers at Ngurah Rai airport arrested a Swiss foreign national early Thursday morning after the man was allegedly discovered to be hiding a small amount of marijuana in his underwear. The 51-year old man, identified here only as MAW, had arrived on an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur and was going through customs and immigration screening when officers became suspicious of his behavior...

Chinese woman sentenced to 5 years` imprisonment on drug charge
Lin Jia Ling (24), a Chinese woman has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with a fine of Rp1 billion for drug smuggling. Lin was found guilty by a Denpasar district court of smuggling 0.88 gram of methamphetamine...

Bali: Kiwi sentenced to fifiteen years
Kiwi drug smuggler was sentenced yesterday to 15 years for importing 1.7kg of methamphetamine into Indonesia, despite attempts to prove he had been the victim of a scam. The 53-year-old, who has no prior history with drugs, struggled yesterday to come to terms with the sentencing. Judges were reportedly unmoved by evidence of his mental illness and manipulation by online scammers...

Bali: Prosecutors seek 18 years for NZ man
Prosecutor Siti Sawiyah has submitted a jail term of 18 years for 53-year-old Antony de Malmanche for his involvement in carrying 1.7 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine into Bali...

Bali: New Zealand citizen arrested on drug smuggling charges
A 52-year-old New Zealand man, identified here only as AGDM, could be facing the death penalty after Ngurah Rai customs...

Bali: Denpasar Police Arrests France for Distributing Cocaine
Drug Investigation Unit of Denpasar City Police arrested a French citizen, initials RY ,24, who distributed cocaine weighing 3.14 grams. “The suspect was arrested when the cocaine is being offered to a resident,” said Deputy Head of Denpasar Police Assistant Commissioner Nyoman Artana in Denpasar, on Wednesday. He explained that the suspect was...

Bali: Frenchman caught smuggling meth sentenced
Francois Giuily, the French national arrested in January at Ngurah Rai airport with more than three kilograms of crystal methamphetamine...

Bali: Man arrested for attempting to smuggle meth at Ngurah Rai
A man originally from Surabaya identified by the initial S was arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport on Tuesday with 500...

Bali: South African faces 19 years for drugs
A South African man is currently facing a 19-year jail term for smuggling methamphetamines into Bali has appealed for a...

Bali: Prosecutors seek 17-year sentence for Frenchman caught smuggling meth
Indonesian prosecutors recommended a 17-year jail sentence for the Frenchman accused of smuggling crystal methamphetamine into Bali. The Frenchmen, aged...

Bali: Frenchman gets 10 months for cocaine
A Frenchman reportedly busted in a Denpasar house with $52,000 worth of cocaine has been sentenced to ten months in...

South African busted with 1.5 kilograms of meth in Bali
Customs at Ngurah Rai International Airport discovered 1.5 kilograms of methamphetamine inside the lining of the suitcase of a South...

Frenchman Arrested in Bali for Smuggling Drugs Worth 6 Billion
Officer of the customs and excise of Ngurah Rai Airport Bali arrested a Frenchmen, Francois Jacques Giuily (48), for attempted to smuggle 3 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. “The suspect hid the crystal methamphetamine inside the lining of his suitcase,” said Customs and Excise Office head, Made Wijaya, on Monday...

Briton gets 14 years for smuggling crystal meth
A Surabaya court sentenced a British woman to 14 years in jail after she admitted to smuggling crystal methamphetamine into...

Bali: Another French citizen busted in drug case
Customs officers at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport reportedly foiled an attempt by a French citizen to smuggle in three kilograms...

Indonesia arrests Frenchman in Bali drug case
Indonesian authorities have arrested a Frenchman accused of smuggling half a million dollars' worth of illegal drugs onto the resort island of Bali.Customs officials said Monday that Francois Jacques...

Bali: Foreigner found with cocaine
Denpasar Police arrested a French citizen found with a large quantity of cocaine last week. “On the black market, the...

Drogenschmuggel: Indonesien - HipHop-Tänzerin droht Todesstrafe
In Indonesien wurde eine österreichische HipHop-Tänzerin mit einem Koffer voll Crystal Meth erwischt. Nun droht der 29-jährigen die Todesstrafe...

Indonesia: Smuggling drugs - Pakistani man executed
The Indonesian government reportedly executed a Pakistani man convicted of smuggling drugs on Sunday morning. The man, identified as Muhammad...

Bringing Marijuana to Bali, a Belgian was Sentenced 10 Months in Prison
A Belgian tourist, Nicolas Lottefier (38) has to stay in prison for being caught carrying marijuana. This man has been suspected since he flew from Bangkok and landed at I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport on June 19, 2013. Arriving at the airport, he was caught carrying 0.23 grams of marijuana...

Bali: Iranian sentenced for marijuana possession
An Iranian citizen was sentenced to one year in prison for smuggling marijuana weighing 5.44 grams through Ngurah Rai International...

Bali: Another British citizen faces death penalty in drug case
British citizen Andrea Ruth Waldeck appeared in court in Surabaya on Monday accused of trafficking drugs worth around US $4,800...

Drogenschmuggel: Höchstes Gericht Indonesiens bestätigt Todesstrafe gegen Britin
Das Todesurteil gegen eine Britin bleibt bestehen. Der Oberste Gerichtshof Indonesiens hat den Berufungsantrag der 57-Jährigen abgewiesen. Die Frau war am Flughafen von Bali mit fast fünf Kilo Kokain erwischt worden...

Drogenschmuggel in Indonesien: Höchstes Gericht bestätigt Todesurteil gegen Britin
In Indonesien hat der Oberste Gerichtshof das Todesurteil gegen eine britische Großmutter wegen Drogenschmuggels bestätigt. Der Berufungsantrag der 57-Jährigen sei zurückgewiesen worden. Nun ist der indonesische Präsident selbst ihre letzte Hoffnung...

Indonesisches Gericht verurteilt britische Grossmutter zum Tode
Die Britin Lindsay Sandiford hatte 4,8 Kilogramm Kokain im Gepäck. Dafür wurde sie nun vom Obersten Gerichtshof Indonesiens zum Tode verurteilt. Die Grossmutter sei Schlüsselfigur eines Schmugglerrings...

Bali: Frenchman arrested at airport for smuggling
A French national has been arrested after customs officers at Ngurah Rai airport foiled his plot to smuggle in a small amount of marijuana. The suspect has reportedly been identified as DAG, a French tourist whom officers allege had tried to smuggle in contraband hidden in his posterior...

Bali: French national charged with six years for smuggling marijuana
Having been proven in a court of law to have smuggled 69 grams of hashish into Bali, French national Vincent Roger Petrone (44) was sentenced to six years in jail by the Denpasar District Court yesterday...

Bali: French citizen gets five years for marijuana smuggling
French citizen Vincent Roger Petrone, 44, was sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of Rp 1 billion at Denpasar district court on Monday for smuggling marijuana weighing 59.7 grams into Indonesia via Ngurah Rai Airport...

Bali: Malaysian heroin smuggler in court
A Malaysian man appeared yesterday in a Denpasar court on charges of importing heroin into Bali. The 37-year-old arrived at Ngurah Rai on an Air Asia flight earlier this year with 372 grams of heroin hidden in his underwear. The prosecutor asked the court for a sentence of 17 years in prison and a fine of Rp 1 billion...

Bali: British woman freed from Kerobokan prison
Rachel Lisa Dougall, a British woman linked with the investigation into the smuggling of 4.7 kg of cocaine into Bali last year was released from Kerobokan prison yesterday... Of the trials of each suspect, Rachel received the lightest sentence of one year in prison, while her husband Julian was sentenced to 6 years, Paul Beales 4 years, and Lindsay Sandiford is facing the death penalty...

Drogenschmuggel: Deutscher in Indonesien zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt
Ein indonesisches Gericht hat einen Deutschen lebenslang ins Gefängnis geschickt - wegen versuchten Drogenschmuggels. Im Koffer des 57-Jährigen sollen 3,7 Kilogramm Haschisch entdeckt worden sein...

Frenchman Charged with Bali Drug Smuggling
A Frenchman appeared in an Indonesian court on Thursday charged with trying to smuggle 69 grams (2.4 ounces) of hashish into the resort island of Bali, an offense punishable by death...

Drogenschmuggel auf Bali: Gericht bestätigt Todesurteil für Britin
Die Justiz in Indonesien bleibt hart: Eine Britin, der wegen Drogenschmuggels die Erschießung droht, ist im Berufungsprozess gescheitert. Die 56-Jährige beteuert, sie sei zum Kokaintransport gezwungen worden - Verbrecher hätten ihren Kindern Gewalt angedroht...

Gericht auf Bali bestätigt Todesurteil gegen Britin
Ein Berufungsgericht auf der indonesischen Ferieninsel Bali hat das Todesurteil gegen eine wegen Drogenschmuggels verhaftete Britin bestätigt. Die Entscheidung sei bereits am 2. April gefallen, teilte ein Justizsprecher am Montag mit...

Bali Court Upholds Death Sentence for British Grandmother
Denpasar. An Indonesian court on Monday upheld the death sentence handed down to a 56-year-old British grandmother found guilty of trafficking cocaine into the resort island of Bali...

Indonesia court upholds death sentence for Briton
An Indonesian court upheld the death sentence against a British woman convicted of smuggling $2.5 million worth of cocaine into the resort island of Bali, a court official said Monday. The Bali High Court rejected an appeal from 56-year-old Lindsay June Sandiford...

Frenchman Caught Smuggling Hashish in Bali
Denpasar. A French national is facing the death penalty after he was caught carrying 70 grams of hashish at Ngurai Rai International Airport...

Malaysian drug smuggler caught at Bali airport
Customs and Excise officers at Ngurah Rai airport foiled a heroin smuggling attempt into Bali through Ngurah Rai airport. A Malaysian citizen with the initials S.M.S. (38) was arrested with approximately 372 grams of heroin in his underwear. The arrest took place on Saturday night when the man landed at Ngurah Rai on an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar...

58 foreigners arrested in Bali so far this year
According to Ana, the 58 foreign nationals were from many countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, France, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and Uganda...

Bali: Japanese national caught with pot in local nightclub
A Japanese foreign tourist was arrested for possession of marijuana at a local club in a joint police operation during the weekend.The combined forces of the Denpasar Police Narcotics Unit, District Narcotics Agency (BNK) Badung, and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Bali are now on the move, with raids targeting nightlife in the Denpasar and Badung districts...

Bali Police Record a Drug Smuggling Boom in 2012
Bali Police booked a staggering increase in narcotics seized from suspected drug couriers in 2012 as the amount of confiscated contraband ballooned to more than 14 times last year’s totals, police said on Thursday...

Customs Officers Foil Attempt to Smuggle Drugs Into Bali
KUTA Customs officers of the Ngurah Rai airport in Bali has aborted an attemp to smuggle 288 grams of hashish into Bali by a German citizen, Martin Robert Moller. “In the effort the suspect hid the drugs in his body. He inserted two capsules into his rectum and swallowed 20 other capsules,”...

Bali: Prosecution demands 15 years for British drug courier
Lindsay Sandiford, the British drug courier caught smuggling 4.7kg of cocaine into Bali in May, heard the prosecutor ask for a fifteen-year sentence yesterday...

Bali: British man sentenced to four years
An accused British drug smuggler was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison for possession of hash. Paul Beales, 39, heard from a panel of judges in Denpasar District Court, chaired by John Hutaurak, that he had been found guilty of the lesser charge of possessing, storing, and control of narcotics...

Bali: Briton Gets Four Years in Prison for Hashish Possession
Denpasar. The Denpasar District Court on Wednesday sentenced Paul Beales, a 40-year-old British national, to four years in jail for possessing 3.1 grams of hashish...

Bali: Deutscher wegen Drogenschmuggel verhaftet
No stomach for smuggling in Bali: Customs and excise officers have apprehended a German citizen, Martin Robert Moller, attempting to smuggle 288 grams of hashish packed in capsules in his stomach at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar...

Bali: German man busted for smuggling hashish
Customs official at Ngurah Rai International Airport have arrested a German national for allegedly attempting to smuggle hashish. The man has been identified MRM, and is accused of trying to bring in 280 grams of hashish in his digestive track...

Bali: German gets one-year jail sentence for marijuana possession
Peter Hasslinger (45), a German citizen convicted of marijuana possession, was sentenced to one year in jail in Denpasar District Court on Thursday. Hasslinger was caught with 159 grams of marijuana last August at the house he rented in Sanur. He was also given urine tests, which tested positive for the drug...

German Gets One Year in Bali Prison for Marijuana Possession
Denpasar. The Denpasar District Court on Thursday sentenced a 45-year-old German national to one year in prison for marijuana possession...


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Blues-Lobster-WoMo-Tour: Vier-Staaten-Tag im Regen
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